An event dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Abdulla Qodiriy

On April 10, 2019 in the small meeting hall of the Branch, under the direction of Director of the Branch A.Rasulov, the director of “Languages” department M.Mirzayev and 50 students participated in the exhibition devoted to the writer’s work dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the great Uzbek writer Abdulla Qodiriy. it was yesterday. A literary evening was opened by the director of the branch and talked about the personality of Uzbek writer Abdulla Qodiriy in today’s state policy and youth education.

The specialist M.Mirzayev gave a broad idea of Abdulla Qodiriy’s role in the literary heritage, literary heritage, plays and his role in the upbringing of young people. Questions were answered by the students.

Photos taken from the event will be attached.