Head of the department PhD, docent

Abduqodirov Abduvakhid Gapirovich

Tel: (+99893) 270-40-99


The History of the Department

Department of Information Technology was founded in 2005. From 2005 to 2006 Senior Lecturer N. Sottiboyev headed the department. From 2006 to 2008 the department was headed by Ph.D., docent A. Holmirzaev. From 2008 to 2009 the department was headed by Ph.D., docent F. Polvonov. From 2009 to 2011 the department was headed by PhD, docent A.Abdukadirov. From 2011 to 2013 the department was headed by PhD., docent A.Holmirzayev. From 2013 to 2015 the department was headed by senior lecturer S. Umarov. Since April 2015 the head of the Department is PhD, docent A. Abdukadirov.
The Department takes active part in the publication of textbooks and manuals on special disciplines department and monograms. Teachers of the department are actively involved in national and international seminars and conferences. The department is constantly working with gifted students.

Directions and specialties for which the Department responsible:

Educational directions:

1. 5330500 – Computer Engineering

Educational speciality:

  1. 5A330501 – Computer Engineering (Projecting Computer Systems)

The department teaches the following disciplines:

For educational students:

1. Basics of system modeling and design

2. Operating systems

3. Operating Systems and Labs

4. Information security

5. Multimedia systems and technologies

6. Information systems design

7. Digital Image Processing

8. Linux Operating System

9. Programming languages

10. Speech recognition algorithms

11. Artificial Intelligence

12. Software architecture

13. Human software design

14. Database security

15. Human and computer interaction

16. Human and computer communication

17. Develop software for installed systems

18. Access to multimedia

19. Distributed algorithms and systems

20. Computer Modeling

21. Basics of e-business and mobile e-business

22. Telecommunication Programming Structure

23. Project management

24. IT service engineering and service management

25. Built – in computer systems Artificial Thinking

For students specializing in education:

1. Modern information and communication technologies

2. Software engineering

3. Research methodology

4. Study of mathematical models

5. Industrial applications

6. Computer Vision

7. Scientific and pedagogical work

8. Research work and master’s dissertation

9. Data Warehousing and Data Mining

The list of professor-teachers of the Department

  • Abduqodirov Abduvakhid Gapirovich (Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences)
  • Xalilov Durbek Amindjanovich (Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences)
  • Porubay Oksana Vitalevna (Senior lecturer)
  • Khonto’raev Sardorbek Isroilovich (Senior lecturer)
  • Bazarbaev Mansurjon Rasuljonovich (Senior lecturer)
  • Xoitqulov Abdumalik Abdugopporovich (Senior lecturer)
  • Tokhirov Rustam Solijonovich (Senior lecturer)
  • Ergashev Otabek Mirzapo’latovich (Assistant)
  • Akramova Gulyora (Assistant)
  • Ganiyeva Shakhrizoda (Assistant)
  • Ergasheva Shakhnoza (Assistant)
  • Mannonov Muzaffar (Assistant)
  • Qodirov Elmurod (Assistant)
  • Abdulkhamidov Azizjon (Assistant)

Scientific-research activity directions of the Department:

  • Using changes of Haara,Wavelet in developing reusing signal and digital images and microcases (Sh.Umarov, N.Sottiboyev);
  • Information Security in the optical communication systems (S.K.Khonto’rayev, A.Gorovik);
  • Improving the role of information communication technologies by using Multimedia technologies (U.G’ofurova, T.Abdullayev, M.Sodikova)
  • Methods and means in creating information security in the set operational systems (F.Mulaydinov, A.Khoitqulov)
  • Creating programming providing and virtual means for using information communication technologies in the branch of Education (N.Turayev, A.Khashimov, M.Bazarboyev, S.Raxmonov)
  • Using  Web technologies in creating automatic work places (KH.Musayev)
  • Creating set programming providing by helping programming languages directing to the object (F.Polvonov, I.Teshaboyev, R.Tokhirov)
  • Creating automatic work places by helping 1C book-keeping program in the manufacturing enterprises and offices (I.Shodmonov)

Creating textbooks and methodological instructions:

  • S.Rakhmonov, S.Khonto’rayev Methodological Instruction on Bases of systematical modelling and projecting.
  • Sh.Umarov,  F.Mulaydinov  Methodological Instruction on Information Security.
  • I.Teshaboyev, A.Khashimov. Methodological Instruction on Programming bases for the Vocational colleges.

T.Abdullaev, Kh.Musaev, M.Bazarbaev. Methodological Instruction on using Web technologies in the process of education for the vocational colleges.