Telecommunication engineering department


Head of department of «Telecommunication engineering»
Jurayev Nurmuhammad Mamatovich 
Phone: +998905700757





About chair: history, directions and activity

The chair is formed in 2008. The chair was managed (2008-2013) by PhD, senior lecturer O.H.Kuldashev (2010-2013), the senior teacher A.T.Abdullaev (2013-2014) supervised the candidate of the physicist of mathematical sciences Z.Hajdarov (2008-2009) senior teacher U.U.Iskandarov. Since September, 2014 was appointed as a chief senior teacher U.U.Iskandarov. In the activity the members of the  chair conduct close cooperation with highly skilled specialists of such enterprises as Territorial Management of the Ministry of development of information technology and communications of the Fergana area, the Fergana branch JSC "UZTELECOM", the Center of electromagnetic compatibility, Fergana RTTC. The purpose is increasing of practical skills and knowledge of the students. Today by teachers of  a chair are conduct more than 28 disciplines on a direction for preparation of bachelors:« Telecommunication technologies (Telecommunications, Tele-radio broadcasting, Mobile communication systems) ,"Telecommunication "," Computer science and information technology», among them «Systems of telecommunication networks "," Telecommunication networks "," Systems of data transmission "," System of mobile communication "," System of digital switching "," the communication line »and many other disciplines is taught by professors and teachers of chair. 


By chair is reached cooperation between education systems and manufactures. Special advantage teamwork brings to teachers much flight experience of industrial activity at training of young teachers aspiring to knowledge and the scientific investigations and researches. The chair is considered responsible for preparations of bachelors, in a telecommunication direction: to receive of the bachelor degree which can work in all spheres and branches, especially in telecommunication sphere and can are of use in development and prosperity of our native land. 
From year to year the technical base of chair develops, for today there are a number of laboratories equipped with devices on  subjects are as “basis of telecommunication”, “the theory of electric circuits”, “electronics” and “circuitry” which made in Russian Federation, and also the enterprises specialized for telecommunication spheres . Stands for such disciplines as “systems  of telecommunication transmissions”, “telecommunication networks and systems, networks” and “systems of data transmission”, “system of mobile communication”, “system of digital switching”, “the communication line” have been given too.
The professors and teachers of chair closely work with the talented students. As example of it  is possible to show, that under of the teachers of chair were are prepared and put forward on different competitions and grant-aided students.    Students a telecommunication direction such as Dehkonov Ojbek, Solieva Hurshida became owners of the grant "Beruniy", besides Dehkonov Oybek and Madrahimov Alisher became owners of the grant of the State committee of communication, information and telecommunication technologies of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
In chair research activity also is conduct. The senior teacher O.S.Rajimjonova works and investigates on a theme «the Converter for monitoring of parameters of a horizontal and vertical winds» under managements of professor J.Shipulin of TSTU, the senior teacher U.U.Iskandarov « Research and  developing of a remote laser acoustic microphone for information search» under the leadership of PhD. senior J.Mamasadikova. Teachers of chair were A.A.Abduazizov, N.M.
Juraev, U.U.Iskandarov published following textbooks «The theory of electric communication» and N.M.Juraev «Maintenance service of telecommunication transfer systems». 

The purposes and tasks facing a chair.
The main task and the purpose is preparation of high cultured, high moral and high skilled specialists, and conducting scientifically - research works on vital topics of the modern world of information and telecommunication technologies. And the tasks and the purposes is educational process of branch which the chair has more than 30 subjects and formation of curricula, complexes and  preparation of training - methodical materials in different subjects also is main tasks. The chair will organize and participates in cultural-mass, and spiritually - educational and educational actions of the branch. In the chair in regular staff are work 10 teachers and 6 teachers as combination work. There are 1 professor, 3 senior lecturers, 3 senior teachers and 9 assistants.    
Directions training on chairs:
Directions of educations:
1. 5522200 - Telecommunication
2. 5311300 – Telecommunication
3. 5350100 - Telecommunication technologies 

The list of subjects of chair:
To students a direction:
1.    Self-renewed electrical supply of communication devices
2.    Telecommunication networks
3.    Telecommunication networks and systems
4.    Telecommunication systems of transfers
5.    Bases modeling of telecommunication networks and systems
6.    Telecommunication networks and systems
7.    Systems of digital switching
8.    Bases of optical communication 
9.    The Theory of electric circuits
10.    Electronics 
11.    Circuitry
12.    Mobile communication systems
13.    Data transmission bases
14.    Data transmission systems
15.    Networks and data transmission systems
16.    Metrology, standardization and certification 
17.    Electromagnetic waves and fields
18.    The Digital techniques and microprocessors
19.    Maintenance service to the digital techniques 
20.    Control systems
21.    The technology and service Internet
22.    Multimedia communication networks
23.    Electromagnetism
24.    Telecommunication Bases
25.    The Microprocessor
26.    Bases of tele communication traffics 
27.    Measurement in the technician of communication
28.    Programmed configured networks
29.    Signals and systems
30.    Information security in telecommunication
31.    Technology of adjustment of microprocessor systems

The list of teachers of the chair.
1.    Iskandarov U.U. – the chief of a chair
2.    PhD  Otazhonov S.M. - the professor    
3.    c.т.s. Mamasodiqova N.J. - the senior lecturer  
4.    c.т.s. Kuldashev O. X - the senior lecturer   
5.    Juraev N.M. - the dean of a faculty   
6.    Egitaliev Z.M. - the senior teacher
7.    Rajimzhonova About - the senior teacher
8.    Halilov M. M - the assistant
9.    Juraeva G. F - the assistant
10.    Nurdinova R. A - the assistant
11.    Turgunov B. A - the assistant
12.    Abduhalilov B. Z - the assistant
13.    Tillaboev A.A. - the assistant
14.    Quldashev О - the assistant
15.    Ergashev Ш.Ш - the assistant

The list of the teachers

Head of department of Telecommunication engineering» 

Jurayev Nurmuhammad Mamatovich 

Phone: +998905700757

assistant professor
Umaraliev Nurmamat 
Tel.: +998911258376


The senior lecturer (executing duties)

Iskandarov Usmonali Umarovich
Phone: +998903002886

The senior teacher
Egitaliev Zohidjon Muhammadalievich
Phone: +998911508892

The assistant
Nurdinovna Rozijahon Abduhalikovna
Phone: + 998934842464

The assistant
Mamasadiqova Nodirahon Yusufjonovna
Phone: + 998911054009

The assistant
Xalilov Muhammadmuso
Phone: + 998954006070

The assistant
Turgunov Begzod Abduvositovich

The assistant
Tillaboev Azamzhon Anvarovich             Phone: +998901361044

The assistant
Jurayeva Gulnoza Fazlitdinovna             Phone: +998905355041

The assistant

O'ktamjonov Shermurod O'ktamjon o'g'li




 The basic directions of research activity of members of the chair.
1.    Testing on the basis of a method of an interference of a communication quality in fiber-optical communication (M.M.Halilov.)
2.    «The Converter for monitoring of parameters horizontal and vertical winds» (O.S.Rajimzhonova)  
3.    « Research and develop of a remote laser acoustic  microphone for information search» (U.U.Iskandarov).
4.    Make of methods of definition of phase, peak errors by result of easing of chromatic dispersions in AWG devices. (A.T.Abdullaev)
5.    Research of processes of an abnormal photo of pressure (N.M.Juraev)
6.    Research of problems of creation of alternative energy sources with use of solar and windy energy. (O.S.Rajimzhonova)  
7.    “Improvement of an optical network of Fergana valley taking into account reliability (Z.M.Egitaliev).
8.    Working out of receivers of photogenerating type. (R.A.Nurdinova)
Economic treaties.
- On the basis of project ITD-17 (2013) development and the coordination of a science and technologies at the Republic Uzbekistan Ministry in chair Working out of the protected system of optical communication on the basis of code noised» under code number A5-039 is reached the contract calculated 2012-2014 on a theme«.   
- 2013-2014 it is concluded and carried out the contract between chair "Telecommunication engineering" of Fergana branch of TITU and Fergana Oil Processing Factory on increasing of computer literacy of managers and experts of the factory.
- In chair it is concluded the contract with the direction enterprises such as, the Fergana, Andizhan, Namangan branches of JSC "Uzbektelecom" and regional companies as «TTN» Republics of Uzbekistan. More than 60 % of final qualifying works of graduates of a direction "Telecommunication" are attached by the head from telecommunications agencies.
- In chair it is concluded the contract with the direction enterprise Fergana branches of JSC "Uzbektelecom"  on a basis cooperation on themes «Certification and the technical account of means and objects of communication» and «Working out of security saving of means  in fiber-optical communication systems»
 Textbooks and educational materials. 


1.A.A.Abduazizov, N.M.Zhuraev, U.U. Iskandarov. «The theory of electric communication»
2.N.M.Juraev. «Maintenance service of telecommunication transfer systems».  
3.Turgunov B. A. «Bases modeling of the telecommunication systems and networks». (planed).

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