The authority of the International New Life MUN welcomes students and young professionals to the conference Fergana, the pearl of Uzbekistan! that’s planned to be held on 22-23 December, at TUIT Ferga

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What: International New Life MUN

When: 22-23 December, 2018

Where: TUIT Fergana branch, Fergana, Uzbekistan.

Deadline: 25 November.


The International New Life MUN is the platform gathering the youth of the world with the purpose to prepare future diplomats and show them to the globe.


The conference will serve as a base of essential skills and knowledge. Participants are supposed to improve their negotiating, public speaking, debating, and diplomatic skills.


Furthermore, the upcoming diplomatic event will push its participants to acquire the sense of patriotism by representing and advocating positions of the countries they are allocated with.






Over 150 delegates from all around the world will be gathered to make contribution to the solutions of the most intriguing issues of today’s world.

Four committees are presented to the delegates:

  • United Nations General Assembly. Agenda: “Making the United Nations Relevant to All People: Global Leadership and Shared Responsibilities for Peaceful, Equitable and Sustainable Societies.”
  • United Nations Development Programme. Agenda: “Role of the United Nations in promoting development in the context of globalization and interdependence.”
  • United Nations Economic and Social Council. Agenda: “Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness along with equality.”
  • United Nations World Tourism Organisation. Agenda: “Harnessing cultural tourism through innovation and technology.”

Conference fees:

For local participants (for students/young professionals with Uzbek passport) - 9.99 USD

For international participants (for students/young professionals with non-Uzbek passport) - 59.99 USD


Conference fees include:

  • Accommodation within the period of the conference (22-23 December);
  • Transportation (upon arrivals to Fergana);
  • Meals during the conference;
  • MUN delegate kits;
  • Certificates;
  • Special gifts for outstanding delegates!

This is your chance to regenerate!!!

Apply as an International delegate:

Apply as a Local delegate:

Apply as a Chairperson:

Partner organizations*:

  • Balkh MUN 2019 (Afghanistan);
  • SDMUN 2019 (India);
  • UzTEA (Uzbekistan Teachers of English Association);
  • JMUN 2019 (Israel)
    * the best nominees of the International New Life MUN 2018 will be awarded with GOLDEN TICKETS that allow them to participate in the abovementioned conferences.

Further information can be found on the official website of the International New Life MUN