The branch team participated in the second (qualifying) stage of the republican contest “Tafakkur sinovlari”

First Deputy Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education under the chairmanship of O. Abdurakhmanov, the Chairman of the Organizing Working Group, held a roundtable on organization and holding of the republican contest “Tafakkur sinovlari” among students of higher educational institutions on February 14, 2019. In accordance with the Decree of the Organizing Working Group, the Youth Union of Uzbekistan together with the regional branch of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, the Regional Culture Office and the regional branch of the Writers’ Union held an event in the framework of the “Youth Festivals” events under the slogan “Youth – Future of the Builder!” consistent implementation of the youth policy aimed at raising a healthy and comprehensively advanced generation, ensuring the active involvement of young people in the ongoing large-scale reforms, well-balanced, independent and free thinking, thoroughly mastering the achievements of modern science and at the time of Uzbekistan’s most recent history The goal of the project is to develop the skills and capacities of history, political and legal knowledge, theoretical knowledge, and to encourage them to demonstrate their talents through changes and additions in the field of law and justice. On April 11, the second (qualifying) round of the republican contest “Tafakkur sinovlari” was held at Ferghana State University. The teams of Higher Educational Institutions of Fergana region participated in it. The competition was held in accordance with the Charter, where the team “Barkamol avlod” won the 4th place.