Head of the Department of Monitoring and Internal Control of the Fergana Branch of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khorezmi

Onarkulova Dildora Alexandrovna

Phone: +998999936676

E-mail: dildoraashurbekova@gmail.com


The main tasks of the department of internal control and monitoring.

  • Control over the implementation of the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan on higher education, decisions of the Board, orders and other documents of the Ministry, as well as internal orders and decisions of the branch in the Fergana branch of TUIT;
  • organizing and conducting internal inspections of the teaching staff of the branch;
  • control and monitoring of compliance with state educational standards and other regulatory documents that determine the quality of education and the necessary requirements for a high level of training of students;
  • provide practical and methodological assistance to faculties, departments and other departments in the implementation of educational standards in the industry;
  • preparation of analytical materials and proposals to the management bodies of the branch on reforming and improving the educational process;
  • control over the execution of orders in the branch;
  • to provide practical and methodological assistance to the departments to eliminate the identified deficiencies based on the analysis of the educational process in the branch;
  • Participate in the development of rating methods for assessing the work of teachers;
  • provide the branch management with specific facts on elimination and solution of shortcomings and problems;
  • check compliance with educational standards and educational regulations at the faculties and departments of the branch;
  • Participate in meetings of the Academic Council and the management of the branch, meetings of faculties and departments;
  • Require the necessary documents from faculties, departments and divisions of the branch to fulfill their duties and attract specialists in this field;
  • reviewing course projects (works), diploma theses and defense of master’s theses, state attestations and all types of theoretical and practical training;
  • Formation of groups with the involvement in the prescribed manner of qualified professors and employees of the branch to study issues within their competence in the field.