TUITFB Secretary of the council

Mirzaev Murodil Abdullaevich




Fergana branch

Duties of the Secretary of Council:

• Reporting and supervising the preparation of a number of project proposals per month on the Branch Plan meeting agenda;• Ensuring that members of the Branch Council attend meetings and inform them about the Day of the Assembly;• Timely receiption and registration of the draft decisions of the Council;• Disseminate the draft decisions of the Council to all members of the Board after their preparation;• Conducting regular monitoring of the execution of the decisions of the Council;• Report to the Chairman of the Council in writing or verbal form, if the draft decisions of the Council are not fulfilled by the public;• Official registration of decisions of the Council. Ensure the signature and approval of the protocols by the Chairman and the Scientific Secretary of the Council;• Confirming the validity of all registered branch office documents;• Consideration of the documents of professors, candidates seeking to obtain a docent’s academic rank, and submitting them for approval to the academic degree in the established order and sending the documents to the HAC in accordance with the decision of the Council;• Conducting explanatory work on faculties and chairs on the requirements of the Regulation “On the order of employment of pedagogical staff of higher education institutions”, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 10, 2006, № 20 and ensuring timely conducted competitions for the position of the head of the department, professor, assistant professor, assistant professor of the university, strictly following the present Charter;• On the basis of paragraph 16 of the Regulations “On the Procedure for Employment of Pedagogical Employees on a Competitive basis for Higher Education Institutions”, on the basis of proper selection of candidates for the respective chairs and recommendation of the department for each candidate supervision;

  • Timely selection of vacant pedagogical personnel, monitoring of contracts with them, creation and updating of databank, together with Department of cadres and office work;
  • Written notification of the results of the competition ten days in advance;
  • To prepare the extracts from the minutes of the meeting for each candidate who passed the selection and submit the order to the Personnel and Office Department; • Confirmation of the list of professors and teachers;
  • Submit an archive of the Council’s protocols at the end of each academic year;
  • Approval by the Director of the Branch upon consideration of the Council plan by the Council;
  • Conducting continuous assembly of the nomenclature of the assembly and monitoring all documentation;
  • Preparation of documents for candidates for the Council meeting prepared by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, State scholarships named after Navoi, Ulugbek, Beruniy State Scholarships and scholarships for the scholarship holders, prepared by the Council for preparing students for these stipends , formalize, timely delivery to the relevant departments;
  • Preparation of an annual report on the activities of the Council and drawing up an action plan;
  • Be conscientiously fulfilling your mission duties.

Need to know:

  • Registrations of scientific papers in the branch, higher education legislation, instructions and instructions from the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, the order of staff members selection by positions, scientific and academic degrees the order of assignment of titles, other normative acts of the Council, Charter of the Branch, Internal labor procedures.

Qualification requirements:

  • To know about higher education decisions, Regulations on higher education, command and guidance letters from the Ministry of  Higher and Secondary Specialized Education;
  • To know about the Office, the Council, the indications for scientific titles and guidance and regulatory documents;
  • Higher education;
  • It is important for professors and teachers to know the order of occupation.

 By classifier:

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Category of emloyee

Employee information requirements



Secretary of the Council




Higher Education


List of Council members of the Ferghana branch of TUIT named after Muhammad al-Khorezmi


Position of the members of the Council


Rasulov Akbarali Mahamatovich

Chairman of the Council, Branch Director, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor.


Tojiboev Ibrohimjon Tojalievich

Deputy Director on educational and educational work, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, docent.


Mulaydinov Farhod Murotovich

Senior Vice President of Science and Innovation, Senior Lecturer.


Abdurahmonov Habibullo Issakovich

Head of the department of affairs



Teshaboev Muhiddin Marifovich

Head of Education Quality Control Department, Ph.D.


Djalilov Bahromjon Odiljonovich

Dean of the faculty of telecommunication technologies and vocational education, candidate of technical sciences, docent


Hamroqulov Zohidbek Abdusamadovich

Dean of Computer Engineering Faculty, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor


Umarov Shuhratjon Azizjonovich

The head of educational-methodical department, senior lecturer


Mamajonov Ilhomjon

Director of academic lyceum in Ferghana city


Zulunov Ravshanbek Mamatovich

Head of Software Engineering Department, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor


Abduqodirov Abduvohid Gapirovich

Head of the department of information technologies, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, docent


Qo’ldoshev Abbosjon Hakimovich

Head of the Department of Telecommunications Engineering, candidate of technical sciences, docent


Holmatov Shahobiddin Jumaboevich

Head of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor


Abdurahmonov Sultonali Mukaramovich

Head of the Department of Information and Educational Technologies, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor


Sobirov Salimjon Sattievich

Head of the Natural Sciences Department, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor


Jalilov Mamatisa Latibjonovich

Head of Computer Systems Department, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor


Arabboev Hurshid Husniddinovich

Head of department, senior teacher


Murzaev Murodil Abdulla ug’li

Council Secretary, Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor


Aripdjanova Hayotxon Nabievna

Direktor of ARM


Tadjibaeva Dilyafruz

Head of Monitoring and Internal Control Department


Yunusalieva Muhabbatxon



Mamasadiqova Nodirahon

Chairman of the Women’s Committee, senior lecturer


Rustamov Ilhomidin

Branch chairman


Ahundjanov Umidjon

Head of International Cooperation Department


Adhamov Muhamadamin

Leader of “Youth Alliance”