The Secretary of the Council of Fergana branch of TUIT

Kurbonov Nodirjon Buriboevich


Duties of the Secretary of the Council of Fergana branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad Al-Khwarizmi:

• to inform the heads of the relevant areas about the preparation of a number of projects in accordance with the work plan of the monthly meeting of the Branch Council and control it;

• ensuring the participation of members of the Council of the Branch in the meetings of the Council and informing them about the day and time of the meeting;

• timely receipt of draft decisions of the Council from officials and their execution;

• after the draft decision of the council is drawn up and ready, send it to all members of the council;

• Regular monitoring of the implementation of Council decisions;

• to report to the Chairman of the Council in writing or orally in case of non-fulfillment of draft decisions of the Council;

• registration of decisions of the Council by the protocol. Ensuring the signing and approval of the protocol by the chairman and scientific secretary of the Council;

• to approve copies of minutes of all documents of the Branch approved by the Council;

• in accordance with the decision of the Council, consider the documents of candidates applying for the academic title of professor, associate professor, and submit them for approval to the academic title in the prescribed manner, as well as send documents to the Higher Attestation Commission;

• conducting explanatory work in the section of faculties and departments on the requirements of the Regulation “On the procedure for hiring teachers of higher educational institutions on a competitive basis”, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 20 dated February 10, 2006 and ensure the timely holding of elections for the position of head of the department , professor, associate professor, senior lecturer (assistant) of the university in strict accordance with these Regulations;

• announcement of a competition for vacant positions, as well as for positions for which the competition period has expired, at least two months in advance through the media;

• acceptance of applications for participation in the competition for the position of an industry pedagogical worker;

• on the proper organization of the discussion of candidates in the relevant departments on the basis of paragraph 16 of the Regulations “On the procedure for hiring teaching staff in higher educational institutions on a competitive basis” and the recommendations of the department for each alternative candidate control;

• to control over the timely selection of vacant teaching positions and contracts concluded with them based on the results of the selection, the creation and updating of a data bank together with the personnel and administration department;

• to notify participants in writing about the results of the competition within ten days;

• to prepare extracts from the minutes of the meeting for each selected candidate and submit them to the Human Resources and Management Department for execution of the order;

• approval of the list of scientific works of professors and teachers;

• at the end of each academic year, transfer to the archive the final volume of the minutes of the Council;

• to approve the annual plan of the Concil by the director of the branch after the consideration by the Council;

• continuous maintenance of the nomenclature of the consolidated volumes of the Council and control over all documents;

• preparation of candidate documents for the State Scholarship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, State Scholarships named after Navoi, Ulugbek, Beruni, State Scholarships named after outstanding scientists and the “Industry Scholarship” for the Council meeting, preparation of extracts for students recommended for these scholarships by the Council, draw up and deliver in a timely manner to relevant departments;

• preparing an annual report on the activities of the Council and drawing up a work plan;

• conscientious performance of their official duties.

Need to know:

• regulatory documents on the conduct of scientific work in the industry, legislation on higher education, orders and instructions of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, the procedure for filling positions of professors and teachers through competition, academic degrees and the procedure for awarding academic titles, other regulatory documents related to the activities of the Council, Charter of the department, internal labor regulations.

Qualification requirements:

• knowledge of decisions on higher education, Regulations on higher educational institutions, orders and instructions of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education;

• knowledge of instructions and guidelines and normative documents relating to the work of the branch, the Council, the awarding of academic titles;

• availability of higher education;

• the teaching staff needs to know the procedure for filling positions by competition.

By classifier:

Position codeJob titleKKMSEmployee category
24072Council Secretary3439Б

List of the members of the Council of Fergana branch of TUIT named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi

Full namePositions of the members of the Council
1Muxtarov Farrux MaxamadovichThe Chairman of the Council, PhD
2Abduraxmonov Xabillo IsakovichThe Head of the work department
3Polvonov Baxtiyor ZaylobidinovichThe Deputy Director for Research and Innovation, Associate Professor, (PhD)
4Kadirov Abdumalik MatkarimovichThe Deputy Director for Youth Affairs, PhD.
5Otakulov Oybek XamdamovichThe Dean of the Faculty of Computer Engineering
6Norinov MuxammadyunusThe Dean of the Faculty of Telecommunication Technologies and Professional Education
7Teshaboev MuxiddinThe Head of Education Quality Control Department, PhD.
8Umarov ShuxratjonThe Head of the educational and methodological department.
9Mamajonov IlxomjonThe Director of the Academic Lyceum of Fergana branch of TUIT.
10Ibroximov NodirbekThe Head of the Department of Software Engineering, PhD
11Abdullaev TemurbekThe Head of the Department of Information Technology, PhD.
12Rayimjonova OdinaxonThe Head of the Department of Telecommunication Engineering, PhD
13Obidova GulmiraThe Head of the Department of Foreign Languages, PhD
14Bilolov InomjonThe Head of the Department of Information and Educational Technologies, PhD, associate professor.
15Sabirov SalimjonThe Head of the Department of Natural Disciplines, PhD, associate professor.
16Zokirov SanjarThe Head of the Department of Computer Systems, PhD.
17Tojimatov DostonbekThe Head of the Department of Information Security
18Kochkorova GulnaraThe Head of the Department of the Uzbek language and humanitarian disciplines, PhD.
19Arakulova FotimaThe Head of Monitoring and Internal Control Department.
20Xusanova GulxumorThe Director of the Information Resource Center.
21Nurmatov MirzaakbarThe Head accountant.
22Juraeva GulnozaThe Chairman of the Women’s Committee
23Rstamov IlxomiddinTrade Union Chairman, PhD.
24Nosirov MuzaffarThe Head of student hostel
25Nurdinova RoziyaxonThe Head of  the Department of Scientific Research, Innovation and Training of Scientific and Pedagogical Personnel, PhD.
26Avazov Jaxongir“Yoshlar Ittifoqi” Youth Union Leader.
27Abduxalilov BoburThe Director of Andijan technical school of information technologies
28Allanazarov AlisherThe Director of Fergana College of Information Technologies
29Sultanov KomiljonThe Director of Yangikurgan technical school of information technologies
30Kurbonov NodirjonThe Council Secretary