Editor of the section: Karimov Ulmasbek Umaralievich

Tel; 73-226-82-19

+ 998-94-399-02-60

Email: karimov-ulmasbek80@mail.ru

Reception days: 13-00 to 18-00

Tasks of the department:

  • Assistance in the implementation of the main goals of the Branch’s research activities;
  • Timely editing, evaluation and publication of textbooks, lecture funds, study guides and other developments prepared by the faculty and staff of the branch;
  • Publishing collections of scientific-practical conferences and seminars organized by the branch;
  • Collaboration with the editorial staff of scientific, scientific-methodological journals on department directions;
  • Providing comprehensive support and practical assistance to doctoral students, independent researchers and applicants in the field of postgraduate education;

• Editing articles and abstracts prepared by the faculty of the branch in cooperation with the universities of the Republic and recommending publication of articles in scientific journals

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