Employees of the branch actively participated in the competitions on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

On April 7 in Fergana city, the Ferghana State University hosted a meeting with the representatives of higher education institutions and organizations and organizations on April 7 in connection with “International Health Day” on volleyball, track and field athletics and swimming. competitions were held.

15 teams submitted applications to the competition organizers to participate in the competition.

On the same day, all the teams were cleaned and the competition was opened by the chairman of the Fergana association of trade unions, E. Nuraliev, who declared the competition openly, wishing good luck to the competitors. After that the competitions were started.

The winners of the competitions and the athletes who showed themselves well were awarded by the regional council of trade unions.

Porubai Oksana, a senior teacher at the Department of Information Technology of the Fergana branch of TUIT, won the first place in swimming. The team took the 2nd place in the overall standings.