General explanation

1. This Regulation defines the rules for conducting test trials for admission to study for a bachelor’s program at higher educational institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan (hereinafter referred to as higher education institutions).
2. It is forbidden to enter the test test area for persons who do not have a permitting document (an applicant’s pass) of an established sample of the State Testing Center on the day of the test.
3. Test tests for daytime, special correspondence and evening (shift) forms of education are held every year from August 1 to August 15, as a rule, in two shifts a day. The first shift starts at 8:00, the second shift starts at 15:00.
4. The applicant participates in test trials on the day and time specified in the applicant’s pass.
5. The applicant in accordance with the chosen direction of education passes the test tests in one, two or three blocks of disciplines, respectively.
6. Each discipline in the book of test tasks has 30 test tasks.
7. The fulfillment of test tasks (along with the filling out of the answer sheet) is allocated with 30 test tasks – 1 hour, 60 test tasks – 2 hours, 90 test tasks – 3 hours.
8. The results of the tests that the applicant is recommended or not recommended for students, approved in the prescribed manner will be announced the next day after the tests on the official website of the State Testing Center and delivered to the university.
9. Test tests are carried out in the pavilions of the National Exhibition Complex “Uzexpomarkaz”, as well as in other large-capacity buildings, in regional centers – in Olympic reserve colleges or in large-capacity buildings of other organizations.
10. In order to fully control the test process in the building, as a rule, one 30 CCTV systems must be installed for 30 applicants, the monitoring equipment online for parents of applicants.
11. During the test, the applicant has the right to:
– use the test book as a draft;
– perform test tasks ahead of time, then pass the test materials to the group controller and leave the test test area.
12. The applicant on the day of the test comes to the building at the first shift to 07:00 (the second shift to 13:00), passes into the building at the first shift 07:30 (the second shift to 13:30) only with a pass applicant and passport through identification equipment and video recording devices, observing the order. However, applicants for the first shift from 07:30 to 08:00, the second shift from 14:30 to 15:00 performs the following:
– check the conformity of the number (digits) of the book of test tasks with the numbers (digits) of the answer sheet;
– checks the test material for errors and typos, in case of the presence of these problems, then warns the group controller about this;
– Fill in the answer sheet correctly;
– in the indicated places on the cover of the test test book and the answer sheet, he writes the last name, first name and patronymic and signs;
– correctly writes off the number of the answer sheet to the specified places on the applicant’s pass and the title page and puts the signature;
– correctly writes off the special code and code of the university listed in the title page to the indicated place on the answer sheet and fills in the corresponding circles (cells).13. The applicant, in addition to the above responsibilities, is personally responsible for the following:
– filling the answer sheet with a ballpoint pen with a blue paste;
– do not fold the answer sheet in half, do not write on the marker line, do not paint over the circles located under the number of the answer sheet;
– since the answer sheet is the main document confirming the level of knowledge for its correct completion;
– before the end of the allotted time, perform the test tasks available in the test book, fill in the circles in the answer sheet in accordance with the tests in the book, pass the test book and the corresponding answer sheet to the group controller.
14. Each test task has 4 alternative answers ((“A”, “B”, “C”, “D”).
15. For each test task, the applicant must mark only one answer. One circle of answer is filled in, which is considered correct, on the answer sheet with the number corresponding to the number of the task in the book of test tasks (you cannot change the filled answers in the answer sheet). If the “sample for painting” rules of the answer sheet are not followed, including, if the circle corresponding to the test task is not filled in on the answer sheet or two or more circles are filled in or not filled in completely, then this test task will not be credited.
16. The applicant is forbidden to leave the group during the time of passing the test tasks; the applicant who has come out is not allowed back to the test.