The chief accountant:

Nurmatov Mirzaakbar Mirzaalievich

Reception time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (14:00-16:00)

Tel: + 99873-226-82-59

About the activities of the department

There are 5 units in the department: 1 chief accountant, 1 deputy chief accountant, 2 accountants, 1 treasurer. The department is headed by the chief accountant Nurmatov Mirzaakbar Mirzaalievich. The following experts work in this department.

Muhabbatkhon Uraimovna Yunusalieva – deputy of chief accountant

Butaboeva Erkinoy Hasanboyevna – Accountant

Mamasadikova Matluba – Accountant

Allaberdiyev Sanjar Bahromovich – Treasurer

About accounting activities

Branch bookkeeping functions:

  • to create and maintain accounting to provide complete and reliable information on financial and economic activities and financial status of the university to interested external and internal users;

Maintenance of accounting, control over efficient use of material, labor and financial resources in accordance with normative documents approved by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

  • to monitor the salaries of faculty, staff, and student salaries;
  • to maintain complete and accurate information on the status and movement of assets, the status of property rights and obligations in the accounts;
  • Timely inventory of material and financial resources;
  • to summarize accounting data for effective management;
  • to prepare of financial, tax and other reports;
  • Timely transfer of taxes to the local and national budgets;
  • Targeted use of funds received from the Bank;
  • to prevent receivables and payables;
  • to monitor the correct use of salary fund based on approved staffing tables and staff formulas;
  • to monitor the correctness of the scholarship fund’s orders by the director;
  • to control over the receipt and disposal of inventories in accordance with established rules;
  • to monitor expenditure of budgetary and extra-budgetary funds under approved expenditure estimates;
  • to monitor the proper transfer of cash, inventories and fixed assets inventory;

To monitor timely submission of monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, tax inspection and other organizations.

  • to account in accordance with economic conditions, structure, degree of network affiliation and other opportunities of the University, allowing timely receipt of information for evaluation, analysis, design and monitoring of the financial position and results of the Branch’s activities. form an accounting policy in accordance with regulations
  • to prepare and to approve forms of internal accounting, primary accounting documents used for business transactions, accounting and statistical work plans;
  • to provide inventory and valuation procedures, documentation on the availability, condition and valuation of the property;
  • to establish internal control system for correctness of business operations in compliance with document circulation;
  • Forms a system of accounting and reporting in accordance with the requirements of accounting, tax, statistics and accounting, providing accounting information to external and internal users;
  • to maintain accounting records using modern information technology, progressive forms and methods of accounting and control;
  • to carry out activities related to financial performance of the branch, financial, accounting and credit operations, financial resources, inventories, fixed assets, liabilities and property;

Accounting provides:

  • to accurately and timely reflect on accounting records of business operations, movement of funds, revenue and expenses, and fulfillment of obligations;
  • to timely transfer taxes and fees to the republican, regional and local budgets, insurance payments to non-state social funds, payments to credit institutions, facilities for financing, loan repayments. transfer;
  • to monitor the use of payroll funds by the organization and the accuracy of employee payroll, inventory, accounting and reporting, and the conduct of legal inspections;
  • to Participate in the organization’s internal audit in conducting financial analysis and tax policy based on accounting and reporting data;
  • Development of proposals to improve the financial performance of the branch, elimination of financial losses and non-production costs;

•to ensure compliance with financial and fiscal rules, and ensuring that legal deficiencies, receivables, and other losses are eliminated from the accounting records.