Head of Department

Ravshanbek Zulunov

PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor

Phone: +998901438040

E-mail: zulunov@mail.ru

History of the department

The faculty of software engineering was formed in 2015. Over the past years, PhD in economics D.Ohunov, PhD in technics N.Turaev, the senior teachers Kh.Musaev and F.Mulaidinov, the doctor of economic sciences A.Abdullaev as head of the department made a significant contribution to the development of the department. From March 1, 2019 on the basis of the competition for the vacant position, PhD in physics and mathematics, associate professor Ravshanbek Zulunov was appointed head of the department. He defended a scientific dissertation on the topic “Research and development of instrumental programming systems” with a specialization in “Mathematical and software of computers, systems and networks”.

Department tasks:

The staff of the department is tasked with the preparation of mature bachelors and masters in the field of modern information technologies, conducting educational, teaching, research and spiritual and educational work.

Direction and specialties of the department:

Direction of education:

  1. 5330600 – Software Engineering (“Software Engineering”)

Subjects of the department for undergraduate:

  1. Software for mobile devices
  2. Software architecture.
  3. Software project management
  4. Software Economics
  5. Development of methodology and practice
  6. Formal methods for checking programs
  7. Creating web applications
  8. System programming
  9. Python Programming
  10. Web Application Development
  11. Web technologies
  12. Software Testing and Testing
  13. Web Application Optimization and Development
  14. Creating applications in C #
  15. Programming 1
  16. Programming 2
  17. Introduction to Web Programming
  18. Introduction to software engineering
  19. Basic algorithms and programming
  20. Programming languages.

Teaching staff of the department

No Name Position
1. Zulunov Ravshanbek Head of Department
2. Abdullayev Abdujabbor Professor
3. Mirzakarimov Baxtiyer Associate professor
4. Ruzibayev Askar Associate professor
5. Musayev Xurshid Senior Lecturer
6. Gorovik Aleksandr Senior Lecturer
7. Sodiqova Munira Teacher
8. Qayumov Axror Teacher
9. Asrayev Muxammadmullo Teacher
10. Jo‘rayev Mansurbek Teacher
11. Xusanov Bunyodjon Teacher
12. Xoshimov Baxodir Teacher
13. Uzakov Barxayot Teacher
14. Karimov Avazbek Teacher
15. Tillavoldiyev Azizbek Teacher

Leading areas of research activities of the department:

– Problems of creating modern software products and their solutions

– Software development technologies

– Creation of software for the education system

Research topics:

  • Digital signal processing;
  • Digital economy;
  • Creating Web applications;
  • Creation of software and methods for determining the complex of informative marks based on heuristic criteria;
  • Software for cryptographic analysis of El-Gamal asymmetric encryption algorithm.

Creating textbooks and tutorials:

  • Musayev H. Python programming.
  • Khashimov A. Methodical manual for the course of creating Web applications.