Head of the department:

Obidova Gulmira Kuzibayevna



About the department: history, activities

The Department of Foreign Languages was divided from the Department of Uzbek Language and Literature on February 15, 2021. The Department of Languages ​​was founded on December 13, 2010 under the name of the Department of Languages ​​and Sport. On July 6, 2012 it was renamed as the Department of Languages. In 2019-2021, it was called as the Department of Uzbek Language and Literature including the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. The first head of the department, the candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Y.Saidov, headed the department in 2010-2011. It was headed by the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor Y.Ismoilov in 2011-2012 and by the senior teacher N.Kurbonov in 2012-2019. Presently, the candidate of philological sciences, associate professor D.Ganieva is the head of the department.

The department provides practical training in all undergraduate specialties. The chair consists of 7 professors: 1 head of the department, 1 associate professor, 2 senior teachers, 3 teachers, as well as 1 office manager.

The department cooperates with foreign languages departments of TUIT, FerSU, FerPI, Fergana branch of Tashkent Medical Institute, ASU and NamSU.

At the department, research, scientific and methodical works are carried out. Professors and teachers of the department carry out research work on the development of new pedagogical technologies and the introduction of effective teaching methods. Members of the department participate in international, national and branch scientific conferences with their articles and abstracts. Besides, all the teachers of the department have passed retraining courses.

Scientific-methodological seminar of the department is carried out according to the plan for each academic year. The scientific-methodological seminars of the department address methodological guidelines, scientific articles, the use and application of new pedagogical technologies in the educational process.

The department focuses on working with gifted students. Every teacher is involved with talented students and provides practical assistance. In addition, there are organized study groups related to each subject in the department. These clubs are of great interest to students.

Teaching subjects:

  • Foreign language;
  • Practical foreign language.

Research works of the department

Priorities in research works of the department:

Trends in the development of new pedagogical technologies in language learning and language teaching;

2) Upbringing perfect generation: approaches, solutions of the problem and key factors;

3) Topical issues of comparative linguistics.