Head of the department

Obidova Gulmira Kuzibayevna

Phone: +998901650331

Email: guliobidova4@gmail.com

About the department: history, activities

The Department of Foreign Languages separated from the Department of Uzbek Language and Literature on February 15, 2021. The department was established on December 13, 2010 under the name of the Department of Languages and Sports. From July 6, 2012, the name of the Department of Languages was given. In 2019-2021, it was combined with the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences under the name “Department of Uzbek Language and Literature”. In 2010-2011, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor Y. Saidov was the first head of the department. In 2011-2012, it was led by associate professor Y. Ismailov, candidate of pedagogical sciences, and in 2012-2019, senior teacher N. Kurbanov. In 2019-2021, it was managed by Associate Professor D. Ganieva, Candidate of Philological Sciences. From 2022 until now, Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor G. Obidova has been working as the head of the department.

The department conducts practical training in all educational areas of the bachelor’s degree. The members of the department consist of 9 professors and teachers, as well as 1 head of the office. 1 of the professors-teachers is the head of the department, 4 are senior teachers and 4 are assistants.

The department has established cooperation with TATU, FarDU, FarPI, Fergana branch of Tashkent Medical Institute, foreign language departments of ASU and NamSU.

Scientific-research and scientific-methodical works have been launched in the department. The professors and teachers of the department are conducting scientific-research work on the development of new pedagogical technologies and the introduction of effective teaching methods. The members of the department have been participating in international, republican and branch level scientific and practical conferences with their articles and theses. In addition, all professors and teachers of the department have completed professional development courses.

The scientific-methodical seminar in the department is working according to the plan every academic year. In the scientific and methodical seminars of the department, methodological instructions, scientific articles, the issues of learning and applying new pedagogical technologies in the educational process were considered, and this is bearing fruit.

The department pays special attention to working with talented students. Talented students are attracted by the teachers of each subject, and practical help is provided to them. Apart from that, clubs are organized for the subjects taught in the department, and once a week, practical trainings are held for each subject. Students are very interested in these clubs.

Subjects taught at the department:
Bachelor’s degree in education

  • Foreign language
  • Foreign language 1
  • Foreign language 2

Scientific-research works conducted in the department
The priority directions of scientific research activities of the department are as follows:

  • Development trends of new pedagogical technologies of language learning and language teaching;
  • Education of mature generation: approaches, solutions to problems and main factors;
  • Current problems of comparative linguistics

Position instructions:

  • Head of the department
  • Department assistant
  • Associate professor of the department
  • Head of the department cabinet
  • Senior teacher of the department
  • Professor of the department
  • Intern-teacher of the department