Head of Department

Akhundjanov Umidjon Yunus ugli

Reception days: Monday – Thursday (from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

Phone: (+99890)-630-08-05

E-mail: axundjanov_90@mail.ru

Department activity

The department was first created in 2005 under the name “General Professional Sciences”. Since September 2014, in order to develop basic knowledge in the field of modern information and communication technologies, it was given the name of the department “Computer Systems”.

Currently, the department employs 1 candidate of sciences, 2 candidates of sciences, 5 senior teachers and 6 assistants. Most subjects are taught using multimedia systems. For this purpose, electronic learning resources have been created for all subjects. Over the past period, employees of the department have published scientific articles and dissertations, as well as more than 30 texts of lectures and methodological instructions, most of which are used in the educational process. The Department of Computer Systems carries out doctoral and master’s theses.

The total number of subjects taught at the department is 15, their work programs, calendar plans and lecture texts have been prepared.

The bachelor degree directions of the department

  1. 60610500 – Computer engineering (“IТ-Servis”)
  2. 60711500 – Mechatronics and robotics


  • Computer organization
  • Computer network
  • Database
  • Database management
  • Data recovery
  • Windows Server Management
  • Linux server management
  • Electronic government
  • Digital technologies
  • Management of information systems design (CRM and ERP)
  • Problem analysis and solving
  • Electronic business technologies
  • Electronic payment systems
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud computing


  1. Axundjanov Umidjon Yunus ugli – Ph.D, head of department

  2. Jalilov Mamatiso Latibdjanovich – Associate Professor

  3. Lazareva Marina Viktorovna – Associate Professor.
  4. Dilshodov Abrorjon, Dilshojon o’g’li – Senior lecturer
  5. Suyumov Zhurabek Yunusalievich – Senior lecturer
  6. Mirkomilov Daniyor Makhamatibrahimovich – Assistant
  7. Burkhonova Malakhat Mamirovna – Assistant
  8. Khasanova Mokhinur Yuldashbaevna – Assistant
  9. Rakhmatova Gavkharoy Muhamadali qizi – Assistant
  10. Yuldosheva Dilfuza Shakir qizi – Assistant
  11. Pulatova Gulkhayo – Assistant

Part-time workers:

  1. Zokirov Sanjar Ikrom o‘g‘li – PhD
  2. Azamkhonov Bokhodir Saidkamolkhonovich – Senior lecturer
  3. Polvonov Alimirzo Kudbiddin o‘g‘li – Senior lecturer


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  1. South Kazakhstan State University named after M.Avezov (Kazakhstan)
  2. Osh University of Technology (Kyrgyzstan)
  3. Petersburg Polytechnic University (Russia)
  4. Seoul National University of Education and Technology (J. Korea)