Head of Department

Nurdinova Raziyaxon Abdikhalikovna

Phone: (90) 302 16 75

E-mail: nurdinovar2016@mail.ru

Department activity

Initially, the department was founded under the name “General Professional Science” in 2005. In 2005, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor ML Dzhalilov was appointed head. the chair. In September 2014, in order to form basic knowledge in the field of information and communication technologies, the department was renamed as “Computer Systems”. In the past period, more than 15 professors-teachers conducted their research and teaching activities. Since the establishment of the department, 1 member of the department received a PhD degree. There are 2 computer classrooms in the department’s division, where 3 scientific support staff help in the effective training of students.

In the field of work programs dozens of disciplines, including “Computer Graphics,” “Computer Systems and Networks”, “Databases”, “Intellectual Data Analysis”, “Database Management System”, “Computer Architecture”, “Internet Advertising”, “Design and organization of computer systems”, “Creative design”, “Electronic government”, “Design and analysis of business systems”, “Data structure” were introduced into the learning process. At the branch (TUIT FF), members of the department showed their activity in the application of initially imported computers in the educational process. After the formation of the FU TUIT, the activity of the department for students of the 2nd course of all directions on the presentation of laboratory and practical lecture data, respectively, on “Computer Architecture”, “Databases and Databanks”, “Basis of System Analysis” “Computer Graphics”. In these subjects, highly qualified professors – teachers, department head, associate professor M. L. Jalilov are trying to teach high-level knowledge to university students on the basis of new modern educational technologies.

At the moment, there are 2 associate professors, 8 senior lecturers and 4 assistants at the department. Most disciplines are carried out using multimedia systems. Therefore, in all subjects created by electronic – learning resources. In the past period 2 monographs, more than 20 scientific articles, about 50 methodological indications, which are used in the educational process, were produced. In addition to graduate students and doctors of science, the department conducts research on doctoral candidate theses. Since 2015, M.L. Jalilov works as a manager. of the department.

Directions and scientific relations of the department

Under the guidance of the scientific adviser M. Dzhalilov, since 2016, work has been carried out on the practical project BA 5035 The introduction of a detector of a stream of charged particles and on its basis creates an infarmation measurement complex for predicting earthquakes, as well as OT-F-3-19 “Q”.

Completed by the project in 2017:

 Stimulation complexes were established in the cities of Samarkand and Fergana, a stream of charged particles was noted;

  • Were upgraded earlier detectors that determine the direction in Tashkent;

 Received certificate №DGU04628 (09/08/2017) entitled “Program generating w / d for short-term earthquake prediction” (No. IAP 20170247), “Metrological method for short-term earthquake prediction”

  • Reports and theses published in 3 Republican conferences
  • Non-standard electronic devices of the earthquake prediction information measurement complex were produced.

The main characteristics of the installed zintilyator complexes in the cities of Fergana and Samarkand are: in a metal structure with a circumference of 1800 mm, cinnitators are installed, defining 8 sizes of size 500×500; Two central zintillators with dimensions of 850×850 are placed (arranged) in a metal structure in the form of a 2-storey storey with a size of 1200x1200x1150 mm

Leading professors-teachers of the department B. Azamhonov, Kh. As a result of scientific research conducted in scientific and scientific journals conducted on international and republican scales. At the department, B. Azamhonov conducts his research activities on the topic: “Development of mathematical and software functions based on spline functions of digital signal processing.” The results of this research activity will include conferences in international and national scientific journals.

At the department based economic contracts with enterprises and institutions. The contract in the amount of 8,068,100 people for training of government officials in the field of ICT and the Internet. According to the agreement, professors of the teacher of the department B. Azamhonov, H. Sotvoldiya conduct activities.

Under the leadership of the head of the department M.L. Jalilov, a student of the 618-14 group, KI Kh.Zhbborov was awarded the Beruniy State Scholarship. In addition, the student H. Zhabborov published more than 20 scientific articles and abstracts received 3 copyrights on software (applications). Considered a member of the project department.

The department organized circles for gifted judges, under the direction of ML Dzhalilov, A. Dilshodov “Three-dimensional modeling in Solid Works”, under the leadership of A. Rasulova “Linux OS”, under the leadership of Sh. Abdullaev, N. Akbarov “Cryptography and cryptanalysis “Under the direction of Ғ. Pulatova “IT Service”. Classes are held in 221 and 101 multimedia classrooms.

Technical and software department.

Students perform laboratory classes in the subjects of the department with the help of computers. At the department, 2 computer classes are equipped with 30 computers of the new version, students of the first and second courses perform laboratory classes, students of the third course are taught in computer classrooms, laboratory classes, term papers, course projects for fourth-year students are performed in multimedia classrooms branches (equipped with modern computers PENTIUM). As well as the teachers of the department in the provision of technical equipment help the head of the cabinet B. Uzokov, the operator and laboratory assistant of the department D. Abdullayev and N. Ismoilova.


5330300 – Information Security

5330500 – Computer Engineering

5330600 – Software Engineering

5350100 – Telecommunication Technologies

5350400 – ICT Professional Education


  • Computer graphics
  • Data structure
  • Databases

 Design and analysis of business systems

 Database management systems

 Computer networks

Intelligent data analysis

 Creative design

  • System analysis and requirements

Internet advertising

Computer architecture

  • Electronic government

 Design and organization of computer systems