Head of department

Salmonov Akmaljan

Phone: +998(93) 126-90-84

E-mail: akmaljonsalmonov499@gmail.com


  • organizing the search and identification of talented students;
  • regularly determine the intellectual potential of gifted students;
  • organize targeted training of talented students depending on their inclinations;
  • organization of training for the purpose of mastering a foreign language and a computer;
  • organization of participation in fundamental research works, scientific circles and groups of authors;
  • to help talented students publish their scientific articles and put into practice their scientific works and scientific developments;
  • ensure the participation of talented students in national and international scientific conferences and the organization of business trips to foreign countries for training and internships;
  • special training of candidates for receiving state scholarships of the Republic of Uzbekistan from talented students;
  • talented students with scientists, heads of industrial enterprises and major specialists organization of meetings;
  • organization of professional games for talented students;
  • regular sociological research among talented students;
  • based on marketing research, in-depth study of customer requirements and assistance to talented students in choosing subjects that determine market conditions, on the basis of an organized bank of educational services;
  • creation of conditions for the use of modern information systems.

The results of talented students of the branch in the 2022-2023 academic year in state and nominal scholarships and other competitions

Participation of talented students of the branch in Startup projects

  1. Otakhanov Musakhan, a student-programmer of the Fergana branch of TATU named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi, won 30 million in the nomination of the best technological solution at the TechnoWays competition held at Kokan University.
  2. Etmishboev Shahzodbek, a student of the Computer Department of the Fergana branch of TATU named after Muhammad al-Khwarizmi, became the winner of the contest “The Youngest Scientist”.
  3. Winners of the Fergana branch of “TATU” in the areas of the competition “Ideaton”:
  4. Isakjonov Lazizbek – project “MIES”
  5. Israilov Murodjon Ikromjon son – project “MNI”
  6. Akbarova Mohigul Asrorzhan girl – project “Innovative device for the prevention of gas poisoning”
  7. Sobirova, daughter of Kamola Abduvokhid – project “Smart fire engine”
    Obidjonov Zafarjon Odiljon son – “Biovirtual” project

Participation of branch students in clubs

In total, 57 circles were organized at 9 departments of the branch (54 scientific circles, 3 sports circles), 548 students were engaged in circles.