The head of the department of teaching and methods

Umarov Shuhratjon Azizjonovich

Tel: (8 373) 226-82-36


The department of teaching and methods was founded on 14 June 2005 at Ferghana branch of TUIT. Nowadays 4 are working at the department. The main task of the department is controlling teaching process at the branch and giving methodological hand to the chairs and professors. Teaching process for bachalor’s and master’s degree is based on State educational standards and other normative documents. Teaching process is organized according to the working plans which are based on sample teaching plans.

A number of arrangements have been held by the department according to “The Law on Education” of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the National Programme for Training Personnel, orders and decrees of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The followings are main tasks of the department of teaching and methods:

  • organizing teaching process on the basis of the achievements of science and technology, proving every cell of the branch with state education standards and teaching documentations;
  • planing teaching process and organizing;
  • coordinating jobs of the faculties and chairs of the branch;
  • regularly developing normative and methodological documentations in the management of teaching process;
  • developing futuristic plans for the progress of education in the branch and bounding them for the Scientific Council of the branch;
  • gathering the best achievements of the faculties, chairs and other departmentsand applying them to the teaching process;
  • applying the new regulations for the assessment of the knowledge of students;
  • organizing teacher retraining plans;
  • analyzing the attendance of the students to the lessons;
  • controlling the behaviour of the professors and students during the teaching process;
  • organizing assessments and analyzing them out;
  • providing main normative documents at the faculties and chairs;
  • developing schedule and curriculum of the branch and controlling the fulfillment of teaching load of the chairs;
  • formalizing the documents of part-time teachers, organizing the distributing lesson funds and coordinating them.
  • investigating the teaching problems of the faculties and chairs;
  • organizing professors and teachers competition for their jobs;
  • applying experiences of the developed foreign countries to the teaching process of the branch.