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According to the position of employees of the personnel department Tasks

The staff department of the Fergana branch of TATU is a constituent department of the university. KB works on the basis of the branch Charter, this Regulation, in its practical activities it follows the orders of the Communications and Informatization Agency of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, branch orders and instructions in the program. The laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the National Personnel Training Program, resident orders, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers on education and training of the young generation, together with the branch management, having the necessary specialization and qualifications, work level, style organizes an estimate with faculty and staff who can meet the demand.

Within the personnel department, the following groups are defined according to the types of work.

  • Work with professors, teaching assistants, administrative and service providers;
  • Work with students and young professionals;

Head of department

  • The head of the personnel department is appointed and dismissed by the branch director;
  • Those who have at least 5 years of experience in the work of higher or secondary-specialized personnel are hired as the head of the personnel department;
  • The head of the personnel department must follow the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the charter of the branch, the regulations of the personnel department, and the job instructions;
  • The personnel department has a round seal with the names of the branches.

Duties of the personnel department:

  • Organization of staffing of faculties, departments and other organizational structures with employees who have the necessary expertise and experience, and whose work level and style can meet the requirements;
  • Coordinating issues of hiring, firing, changing positions, encouraging and punishing professors and staff;
  • To control that professors, employees and students do not violate work discipline, rules of internal procedure and laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Coordinating the staff schedule together with the finance and planning department;
  • To be in constant contact with other organizations and institutions on personnel issues;
  • Supervision and coordination of the work of personnel department employees;
  • Confirmation of signatures of professors and employees;
  • Coordinate the timely preparation and registration of the necessary orders based on the relevant documents and the delivery of copies to the relevant dean’s offices and departments;
  • Control over the submission of personnel documents and information to relevant organizations in a timely manner;
  • Organizing the timely preparation of documents, students’ diplomas and applications necessary for professors and employees, controlling the delivery of T-2 cards in the prescribed manner;
  • Management of employees’ timely arrival and departure to work and control of their presence at workplaces.

Duties of the manager of the personnel department

  • Work with documents related to the accounting of personal content;
  • Timely recording of entries in labor notebooks;
  • Maintaining a personal file for employees;
  • Preparation of documents necessary for the appointment of a pension;
  • accurate registration of the contingent of professors, teachers and employees and keeping a log book;
  • Transfer documents to the archive in the established order;
  • Compilation of the schedule of work holidays of employees;
  • Work with personal content documents;
  • Record entries on special cards and notebooks;
  • Attaching copies of orders to personal folders of employees;
  • Registration of sick sheets and submission to accounting;
  • Opening, receiving and sending cocktail notebooks;
  • Answering letters from other organizations and preparing references
  • Accurate registration of the student contingent;
  • Carrying out monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and full-year contingent activities;
  • Timely preparation of answers to questionnaires received from other organizations;
  • Acceptance of student documents for new admission;
  • Recording of submission of relevant documents to graduates;
  • Transfer the documents of former students to the archive in the established order within the specified periods;
  • Preparation of information on the student contingent;
  • Attach copies of orders to students in their personal folders;
  • Answering letters from other organizations and preparing references.
  • Providing information about quota places and the composition of workers to the department of employment estimation and social protection of the district every month;
  • Proper preparation of applications and documents of professors, teachers and employees who have reached the retirement age, and control over the transfer of pensions to the social security departments for their residences;
  • Keeping statistics of all categories of teachers and employees in the branch in the prescribed form;

Position instructions:

  • Head of personnel department
  • Inspector of personnel department
  • Engineer of personnel department
  • Personnel inspector of the personnel department