Head of Department

Ikromova Nargiza Akbarali qizi

Phone: +998997864993

E-mail: ikromova_nargizaxon@mail.ru

International cooperation is expanding with leading higher education institutions in Europe and Asia. TUIT cooperates with about 80 universities and more than 10 research institutes in 28 foreign countries. In recent years, research centers have been established that combine university education with modern technology-based education.

Main functions:

  • Registration of cooperation agreements with foreign universities and organizations;
  • To receive delegations of organizations of meetings with foreign universities and their management;
  • Assistance in obtaining visas for foreign guests invited to the university;
  • Assist university staff and, if necessary, register passports and visas for students abroad;
  • Negotiations with foreign partners for training and education of professors and foreign staff abroad;
  • To send invitations to the university for negotiations and organizational work with international organizations, embassies, representations, meetings with foreign experts, experts, reports and seminars;
  • Control and dissemination of information about various foreign projects, grants, programs and various foreign branches operating at the university.