Head of information resource center

Arakulova Fotimaxon Isroilovna

Email: arm@tatuff.uz

The Information Resource Center – ARM was established in 2005 at the Fergana branch of TATU.

Fund of the Information Resource Center: the general fund contains 11,939 copies of literature in 3,665 titles, of which 3,925 are in the Latin alphabet, 3,218 are in the Cyrillic alphabet, 3,336 are in the Russian language, and 1,691 are in other languages.

Of these, there are scientific literature in 112 titles in 537 copies, textbooks in 716 titles in 4136 copies, study guides in 1677 titles in 5380 copies, fiction in 656 titles in 1012 copies, foreign literature in 430 titles in 602 copies, other literature in 74 titles in 272 copies.

In the 2022 academic year: 542 copies of 80 titles were enriched with new literature. Of these, textbooks – 84 titles, study guides – 308 titles, monographs – 32 titles, other literature – 118 titles.

Literature written off from the IRC fund in the academic year 2021-2022: 437 copies of textbooks, training manuals and studies in 234 titles that are outdated, outdated and unusable as a result of the review of literature during 2022 instructional manuals were completely written off.

Those who registered for membership in ARM: 55 from the administration, 92 from professors and teachers, 1402 from students and masters, 42 from technical staff were involved in reading. Total 1591 people.

In terms of newspapers and magazines: in total for 2023: subscriptions to newspapers and magazines worth 33,000,000 soums were organized in 22 titles and 107 copies.

The TATUFF electronic library bot has been launched for remote use of the information resource center via the telegram messenger link https://t.me/libfbtuituz_bot. The website of the electronic library has been launched through the link https://lib.fbtuit.uz and the possibility of using electronic literature has been created. Currently, the IRC electronic literature base is provided with more than 21,500 books, and this year, work is underway to create a 100% electronic library of the IRC fund. Collaborations with local and foreign scientific bases were established as assistants in students’ independent work.

It was possible to use the local ARM and libraries: TATU, Regional Library and electronic libraries of FarDU.

From foreign collaborations: from the EBSCO scientific and educational database. Headquartered in Ipswich, Massachusetts, EBSCO Information Services is a division of EBSCO Industries Inc., headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. EBSCO provides products and services to libraries around the world.

The possibility of using BOOK.RU, BELLARUS and “Rossiyskiy Gosudarstvennyy Biblioteka” belonging to the Russian Federation has been created.