Head of Centre:

Polvonov Alimirzo

Phone73 226 95 31

Email: alimirzo61011@gmail.com

Information about the activities of the center

The Center plans its activities and development in terms of the development of software and multimedia products and other products, services and types of work, determines the expansion of the industrial, social, material and technical base of the Center.

Maintains contractual relations with customers and suppliers of technical means and devices for the types of services and works provided.

The Center can fulfill orders of business entities and individuals on the basis of an agreement in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the charter of FBTUIT.

The economic activity of the center with other organizations, enterprises, individuals and legal entities is established through contractual relations in all areas. The Center has the right to freely choose the subject of the contract, obligations and other conditions of economic relations, if this does not contradict the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Charter of FBTUIT.

The center provides the following activities:

  • organization of information marketing;
  • creation and implementation of modern forms of training, retraining and advanced training of personnel;
  • application of works in the field of information technology and multimedia systems in the field of higher education and science;
  • development of distance education and training, organization of its didactic and methodological support, creation of electronic versions of lectures;
  • ensuring mutual information links with organizations, libraries, research institutes, enterprises and higher educational institutions of foreign countries and the republic;
  • providing Internet and e-mail services, searching for information on specific topics and providing addresses where they are located;
  • organization of maintenance of computer equipment, computers, their repair and modernization;
  • design, commissioning of information and computing networks and systems;
  • creation and implementation of software products for data collection and processing;
  • organization and conduct of research, development and development work;
  • organization and holding of seminars, conferences, studies, exhibitions and fairs.

The main goals and objectives of the center are:

  • Coordination of intellectual and information resources of FBTUIT to solve the tasks identified in the national training program;
  • informatization of the educational process, the development of information and marketing services in the field of education, the introduction of new information technologies and the results of scientific research in the educational process;
  • Support for a single information and educational space of the Republic of Uzbekistan, free exchange of knowledge, ideas, scientific and practical results of intellectual activity, which are considered the main factors of economic and spiritual revival;
  • Organization of a service for teaching computer science and information technology, the use of the Internet for students, masters, researchers, graduate and doctoral students, teachers and employees;
  • Organization of training of teaching, scientific and educational and technical personnel of educational organizations;
  • Organization of technical, informational and methodological assistance to training and educational organizations;
  • Introduction of a culture of work and communication in the global information and computer space;
  • Creation of electronic copies of new courses, teaching materials;
  • Implementation and development of a distance learning system based on the capabilities of the center.

The staff of the center:

  • Polvonov Alimirzo (head of department)
  • Fazlitdinov Muhammadali (content manager)
  • Rozaliyev Abdumalik (engineer-programmer)
  • Kodirov Ahmadkhan (web designer)
  • Umarov Abdumukhtar (network administrator)
  • Abduvaliyev Izzatillo (engineer-programmer)
  • Abdumutalov Xurshidbek (system administrator)
  • Orifjonov Shavkatbek (engineer-programmer)
  • Noraliyev Shahboz (network administrator)
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