Head of Information Technologies Centre:

Polvonov Alimirzo Qutbiddin o’g’li

Phone73 226 95 31

Email: alimirzo61011@gmail.com

Information about activity of center

The center self activities and development is being created software and multimedia products and another products are being displayed service and the work types in development prospects plans , and so on the center production , social and material- technical base expansion Definitions.

Showing service and the work types in customers , as well technical resources and devices delivery suppliers with relationship contract on bring will go .

The center farm subjects and physicist individuals orders Uzbekistan Republic of Turkey laws and TUITFB regulations is shown in order contract on perform you can .

The center another organizations , businesses , physics and legal individuals with farm activity all industries in contract based on mutual relationships with is set . The center Uzbekistan Republic of Turkey the law and TUITFB regulations contradictory not deal subject matter , liabilities and farm relationships another conditions authentication free choice right has .

The center the following activity types shows :

  • information marketing organization making ;
  • cadres preparation , recycling preparation and qualification upgrade modern forms Create and current to do so ;
  • information technology and multimedia systems in the field jobs high education and science areas practiced to do so ;
  • distance education and to teach development, didactic and methodical supply organization of papers electronic versions creation ;
  • foreign countries and in the republic organizations , libraries , science research institutes , enterprises and high education dormitories with mutual information contacts supply ;
  • internet network and electronic mail services , clear themes in information search and they are location addresses offer making ;
  • computational technique tools , computers service service organization of them repair and modernization ;
  • information computer networks and systems design , start up discharge and customize ;
  • information collection and again performance in software products Create and current to do so ;
  • research , research , design and experimental jobs organization to do and conversion ;
  • seminars , conferences , research , exhibitions and fairs organization to do and .

The center basic the goal and functions from the following consists of :

  •   Staff preparation national in the program emphasizing the issues the solution for       TUITFB intellectual and information resources coordination ;
  •   Education process informatization , education industry information marketing service the development of new information technology and research results education process practiced to do so ;
  •   Uzbekistan Republic of the only one information education space support support , economics and spiritually recovery basic factors calculated intellectual activity in knowledge , ideas , science and practical results free Conversion ;
  •   students , masters , researchers , postgraduates and doctoral candidates , professors and teachers and employees informatics and information technology , from the internet to use training service organization to do so ;
  •   education organizations teachers, science and educational-technical staff qualification to be applied organization making ;
  •   education and education organizations technical , informational and methodical treatment organization making ;
  •   world information computer in space to work and communication bring go culture practiced making ;
  •   new courses , methodology materials electronic copies creation ;
  •   The center opportunities come out distance education system current to and development.
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