Head of Department

Xamdamova Margubaxon Abdullajonovna

Phone: (+8 373) 226 82 58

E-mail: devonxona@tatuff.uz

Information about office and archives

The office is a part of the branch and operates directly by the director.

The main tasks of the office are:

  • Registration, multiplication, delivery, storage and maintenance of internal and external organizational orders and instructions related to the activities of the branch;
  • Registration of service correspondence, information documents, official correspondence addressed to the heads of branches (directors and vice-rectors), distribution to corresponding departments, sending the answers to addresses;
  • Providing required extracts from documents, deletion of expired documents based on proof.

The archive is in a part of the office of the branch and is in direct control of the rector following the organizational structure approved for the academic year. The archive is managed by the archive manager, which has been ordered by the rector. The archive includes the head of the archive, the archivist following the approved staffing table. The Archives Manager and his / her staff work following the position instructions approved by the Director.

The main tasks of the archive are:

  • The archive of the TUIT Fergana branch consists of the preparation of the documents of the organization for reception, registration, selection, use and storage by the state.
  • Provides stock numbers and documents to the archive;
  • Organizes examination to determine the scientific and practical value of the documents stored in the archive provides methodological assistance in the examination of document value in the course of the proceedings;
  • Prepares and submits the documents to the state for submission within the timeframe established by the Statute of the National Archives of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • Organizes the use of documents and provides, in the prescribed manner, references and copies of documents to interested organizations and citizens;