Chairman of the Council of the Primary Organization of the Youth Union, Adviser to the Director of the Branch on Youth Issues:

Nabijonov A’zamjon Rustamjon og‘li

Phone: +998930520623


Goals and objectives of the primary organization

The main goal of the primary organization is to help create suitable conditions for the education of young people in educational institutions, to protect the rights and interests of young people, and to contribute to the development of well-rounded individuals.

The primary organization has the following tasks:

  – educating the young generation in the spirit of love and loyalty to the Motherland, instilling in their minds the idea of national independence, national values, religious tolerance, interethnic harmony and family values;

  – to explain to young people the essence of civil rights and legal reforms defined in the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

  – studying the problems of the youth of the higher educational institution, the quality of education, the level of mastery of subjects, attendance, the level of use of textbooks and the library, assisting in the consideration and resolution of youth appeals;

  – implementation of work aimed at young people’s in-depth education, learning foreign languages and mastering modern information and communication technologies, as well as directing them to the profession;

  – discovering talented young people, carrying out work aimed at supporting and encouraging them in every way, organizing the activities of clubs and circles that help to develop their intellectual and creative abilities;

  – supporting activities aimed at creating favorable conditions for inclusive education of young people with disabilities and special needs;

  – to carry out systematic work on the social adjustment of children of troubled families, youths whose upbringing has fallen into a difficult and unhealthy environment, and the return of students who regularly skip classes to the educational process, and the prevention of early marriages among girls;

  – implementation of legal and educational work aimed at preventing crime and delinquency among young people;

  – widely promoting reading among young people, increasing their love for books and developing reading culture;

  – formation of ideological immunity in young people against harmful vices, information attacks, religious fanaticism, missionary, and extremist ideas under the guise of “mass culture”;

  – development of youth tourism among young people of higher educational institutions, organization of their visits to historical monuments, holy places, museums, theaters, structures built during independence in the area where they live;

  – to widely promote sports among young people, especially girls, to support their interest in sports and to create the necessary conditions for their participation in various sports competitions;

  – organization of propaganda activities aimed at wide explanation of medical culture, in particular, ways of protection against diseases to young people;

  – promotion of ecology and environmental protection, rational use of natural resources among young people, promotion of environmental culture, support of environmental initiatives.